Midye Dolma (500 gr)


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A favorite street  food in Turkey, Midye Dolma;

This is a really different take on mussels, and a specialty on the streets of Istanbul. The mussels are opened out, stuffed with a spiced rice mixture and then steamed to perfection. delicious. Opening a mussel does take a little practice, but it’s very similar to shucking an oyster. You are essentially slicing the mussel in half, so there will be meat on both sides of the shell – but don’t be alarmed if it looks a bit ‘butchered’!

Midye Dolma, stuffed mussels with aromatic rice, herbs and spices, is a delicious treat we love as a nation. You would also be welcomed by the street stalls, selling stuffed muscles in Istanbul, especially at Beyoglu district. You gently break off the top shell, give a good squeeze of lemon juice over the mussel with aromatic rice then scoop this delicious mixture with using the loose shell as a spoon, just heavenly.

Fresh Midye Dolma, contain plenty of protein and omega. Consuming these products in certain periods on the advice of experts is very beneficial for your health. You can easily order frozen Midye Dolma, online from Aytac Foods Online, prepare it easily at home and reach this flavor easily.

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