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We at Aytac Food have been operating our Cash and Carry since 2000. We distribute to about 1500 shops around the U.K., using our many vehicles.

We sell Halal, Turkish,ArabMediterranean Food and recently we are happy to announce delve into the Indian and Caribbean Food market also.We are launching websites for wholesale customers, where we can either ship our products to them, or they can click and collect and pay on our premises.

We have decided to launch websites, so that you can now order from the comfort of your own homes.By logging on to our Aytac website at www.aytac.co.uk, you are ready to order straight away!

Just make your order, and when you have paid for it, our online team will start to pack your order.

You will be able to receive your package between 3-5 working days.

If you reside in London, you will receive your order the same day, as long as you complete your order before 12 p.m. on the day, you should order between Monday-Saturday.All our products are 100% halal. We also have Vegetarian, Vegan and Organic Food.

So, we accommodate all Ethnic Communities in the U.K such as ArabTurkishIndianPakistani-Bangladeshi, African and Caribbean…

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