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  • Cortas Rose Water (300 ml) £1.89

    Rose water’s natural home is in Middle Eastern cuisine and its perfumed flavour is divine when paired with the earthiness of nuts in baking or the richness of dairy products.

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    Hamidiye Spring Water (12*500 ml) £3.14

    Maximum order quantity is 1 boxes (12 Units)

    Drink in the goodness of Hamidiye Spring Water. Our unique formula includes essential minerals, trace elements, calcium and magnesium to help strengthen your body’s defenses against everyday stresses.

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    Hamidiye Spring Water (6*1.5 lt) £3.59

    Maximum order quantity is 3 boxes (3 x 6 Units)

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    Kara Coco Coconut Water (1 lt) £2.60

    Kara Coco Coconut Water, a healthy alternative to sports drinks, hunger suppressants and high-calorie sodas. A Certified USDA Organic whole food with essential electrolytes, fiber and protein, Kara Coco contains no sweeteners, no preservatives and no fat. Gluten-Free.

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