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  • Haribo Troppi Frutti (100 gr) £1.23

    Haribo, Troppi Frutti are chewy and delicious gummy candies with a refreshing taste of fruits. This one has a nice extra touch! With a box of Haribo Troppi you will also get a bunch of marshmallows which make these candies colorful and fun. We bet that these jelly beans are going to be one of your favorites.

    In stock

  • Haribo Golden Bears (100 gr) £1.23

    With its iconic branding, Haribo is in a league of its own. These mouthwatering jelly bears will quench your sweet tooth in a fabulous new way.

    In stock

  • Haribo Peach (100 gr) £1.23

    Haribo peach jelly beans combine the delicious taste of fruit with chewy candy for an extended-lasting chewing experience. The candy coating is naturally and artificially flavored.

  • Jelly Halal Sweets 4 For 1 (35 gr X 96 pcs) £0.35

    Jelly Halal 4 for 1 offer is based on 4 pouch of sweets in a box. There are different combinations with different flavours with this offer.

    In stock

  • Jelly Halal Sweets Fizzy 4 For 1 (36 gr) £0.35

    Jelly Sweets Fizzy for 4 makes for a great treat for both adults and kids. Whether you’re an ordinary sweet lover or a fizzy fan these fizzy sweets are guaranteed to please everybody with their unique flavours and textures. With four flavours in each packet there’s a lot of variety to keep you going.

    In stock

  • Haribo Twin Snakes (67 gr) £1.09

    Create a delicious treat by combining Haribo Twin Snakes Haribo Marshmallow & Jelly Beans. These are real twin snakes, just like the ones you could only find in your grandma’s candy jar! They’re native to Australia and so is Haribo.

    In stock

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    Haribo Mix Fizz (70 gr) £1.09

    This Haribo Mix Fizz set has a collection of everyone’s favourite Haribo sweets in the form of Jelly Beans, Marshmallows and Fizzy Cola Bottles.

    Out of stock

  • Haribo Fizzy Worms (80 gr) £1.23

    Haribo Fizzy Worm Jelly Beans. With natural flavors and colors; fun accessories; and a surprising fizzy kick, these spooky sweets are a Halloween treat for kids of any age. The perfect Halloween treats for kids of all ages, Haribo Fizzy Worms Jelly Beans come accompanied by other Halloween treats in colorful packaging featuring everyday Haribo characters to give them an endless amount of spooky appeal.

    In stock

  • Mr Vegan Jelly Selection (160 gr) £1.29

    Introducing Mr Vegan! These vegan friendly, gelatin free jellies are created using natural flavours that are sure to please. Available in a variety of flavours they’re perfect for all occasions, from kids’ lunches to topping off your favorite dessert.

    In stock

  • Haribo Worms (100 gr) £1.23

    Worms straight from the fairytale world of Haribo. These classic gummy treats are irresistible to children of all ages, set to charm the little ones come Easter time.

    In stock

  • Haribo Chamallows Marshmallow (70 gr) £1.10

    The world famous Haribo brand is known throughout the world for their delicious gummy fruit candies. These tapioca Marshmallows are a new and unique product from Haribo, which offers great taste and fun for both kids and adults.

  • Haribo Happy Cola Sour (100 gr) £1.23

    These are Haribo Happy Cola Sour Jelly Beans. They have the taste of cola and the classic Haribo smile in their packaging.

  • Mr Vegan Fizzy Selection (160 gr) £1.29

    Mr Vegan Fizzy Selection contains all the classic Fizzy sweets you know and love, and is a treat for everyone in the vegan community. Whether you’re hosting dinner at home or lunch with your pals, this fun mix of cola cubes, fizzy snakes, fizzy cola bottles and fizzy cola cubes will add a bit of extra magic to any occasion!

    In stock

  • Haribo Watermelon (Karpuz) (80 Gr) £1.23

    A mouthwatering mix from Haribo. Watermelon, Marshmallow and Jelly Beans. The box features a great image on the front of Watermelon pieces, Marshmallows and Jelly Beans, with further details on the back.

  • Haribo Croco (100 gr) £1.23

    Imagine a drool-worthy combination of Croco, Jelly Beans and Marshmallow now devoured by millions of consumers around the world. And now in its absolute best quality!

    In stock

  • Haribo Phantasia (100 Gr) £1.23

    Enjoy an excellent combination of sweetness and sourness with these fantastic little gummy candies! With a classic candy taste and an amazing texture that you’ve got to try for yourself, these are a snack experience like no other. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy some Haribo Phantasia today!

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