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  • Oba Tel Sehriye Vermicelli Pasta (400 gr) £0.69

    Oba Tel Sehriye Vermicelli Pasta is an improvement over their existing product, Oba qabili Makarna. The new product has no artificial flavours and preservatives and is made from high quality durum semolina with 100% natural ingredients.

  • Oba Arpa Sehriye Barley (500 gr) £0.69

    Oba is a grain used in Turkish foods. It’s got a slightly richer, nuttier taste than wheat, and can be made into great pilafs, soups and salads. Our Oba Arpa Sehriye Barley combines the nuttiness of barley with the sweetness of corn to give you a flavour that will please all palates.

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    Oba Cubuk Pasta Spaghetti (500 gr) £0.69

    Oba Çubuk, çok basit bir pişirme ile en özgün lezzeti sunmak için makarna kategorisinde yer alan Spagetti makarnalardan biridir. Doğru baharatları ve Otları ekleyerek tadı farklı hale getirebilirsiniz.

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  • Oba Yuksuk Pasta Thimbles (500 gr) £0.69

    Pasta Thimbles from Oba Yuksuk are a great way to have the taste of pasta in the comfort of your own home. Each thimble contains about a half serving of real, authentic pasta.

    In stock

  • Oba Iri Burgu Pasta Rotini Fusilli (500 gr) £0.69

    Oba Iri Burgu Pasta Rotini Fusilli is an excellent quality product, manufactured in Turkey. Oba Iri Burgu has the best quality and the highest standard. The taste of the pasta is very good and it cooks very fast with a nice taste.

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  • Oba Ince Kesme Sedanini Rigate (500 gr) £0.69

    This pasta is packaged in a metal container to maintain its original characteristics in every moment and be used immediately. It is an authentic product of an Italian experience. It is prepared with semolina, wheat flour and durum wheat, egg whites, water and salt and roasted together at high temperature. Its preparation will let you feel the taste of the genuine tradition of the Italian culture and cookery that have been known from time immemorial.

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