Aytac Special %100 Natural Honey-12.7 Kg


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Honey is the oldest known source of nutrition known to human beings. Many of us who include honey in our diets purchase it from the market and all the different brands more or less taste similar. But do you know that the flavour, taste and texture of honey depend on not just the flower from which their nectar has been taken by the bees but also the season and region?

The commercially produced honey that you have been consuming goes through so many filtration techniques that it loses its valuable properties. When honey is heated more than 45 degrees its beneficial enzymes are destroyed thus what you get in the market is merely sugary syrup with a standardised taste and texture. Another very important property that gives each type of Honey its unique taste and texture is pollen that gets removed during filtration.

We, at Aytac offer you Honey that is raw and pure extracted directly from the Beehives. It is packed in the bottles without any processing or filtration with all its pollen and enzymes intact. Once you start consuming pure honey we assure you you’d never turn back to your earlier choices. Also the authentic taste and flavour of our honey would get you hooked and our honey comes free from preservatives and any artificial flavours.

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