Eyup Sabri Tuncer El ve Vucut Kremi


Perfume Jewels Blue Moon HAND AND Body Cream is fit for every skin type due to its special, paraben-free, gluten-free environmentally friendly formula. A perfect moisturizer that you may use during four seasons with its Ecocert certified ingredient of Shea Butter. Softens your skin through its natural olive oil content, AND help you have a healthy skin by means of providing a strong skin care through its formula enriched with vitamin E. Essential for women who leaves a mark on the night.

Eyup Sabri Tuncer El ve Vucut Kremi

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Apply to your hands, wrists, neck, shoulders, arms, abdomen, legs and feet, in short, to your whole body by massaging with circular movements. Suitable for daily use. You can use it for all skin types anytime you need.

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