Ikra Icli Kofte-Turkish Stuffed Meatball (12 x 50 gr)


Icli Kofte, Turkish Stuffed Meatballs, are served at celebrations, they are stuffed with ground beef, hard boiled egg and fresh parsley. These meatballs are also great with a little lamb or veal added too. The shells can be made ahead, kept in the fridge and baked just before serving them.

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If you like Middle Eastern-style kibbe, you’re sure to enjoy its Turkish counterpart. It is called içli köfte , which means “filled meatball.” It’s a dish that is common in the southeastern regional cuisine of Turkey where many Middle Eastern influences are present. They are especially famous in the city of Kilis.

These meatballs are usually served as a hot appetizer or meze before a meal of spicy kebabs. Balls of dough made from a mix of fine bulgur, potato, and spices are used as the outer shell. Favorite fillings include ground beef or lamb combined with ground nuts like pistachios, walnuts, or pine nuts along with spices. They’re then fried to perfection. It’s actually easier than it seems at first, especially once you get the hang of rolling and stuffing.

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