Ikra Kiymali Kayseri Mantisi (Turkish Dumplings) (700 gr)


Kayseri Mantisi (Dumplings), which has gained popularity not only in Turkey but all over the world, it is one of the most popular dumplings in Turkish cuisine. Its most popular feature is its very small size. Even 40 pieces fit on a spoon!!! The difference of Kayseri Dumplings from other dumplings is the way the dough is closed. It is closed in the form of a small packet. Garlic, yoghurt, and tomato paste sauce roasted in butter can be used as a sauce which is poured on the top of Kayseri Mantisi (Dumplings). You can easily order Ikra Kayseri Dumplings online from Aytac Foods Online, and prepare them easily at home and try its authentic flavour.

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Manti is an extraordinary dish from Turkey, tiny lamb-stuffed dumplings topped with three sauces, caramelized tomato sauce, brown butter sauce, and garlicky yogurt sauce.

Cooking Suggestion
Water and enough salt are put in a pot and the water is boiled. Mantı is taken out of the freezer and thrown into boiling water. After boiling for about 10 minutes, the cooked mantı comes to the surface. Then the mantı, whose water is drained, are placed on a plate. Garlic yogurt and tomato paste sauce can be poured over it if desired.

The tomato/pepper paste sauce is made by adding oil and pepper / tomato paste together in a frying pan and roasting. Optionally, red pepper, thyme, mint, etc. seasonings can be added.

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