Tips for Making Kokorec

Kokorec is a delicious food that is called street food in Turkey and is sold as a sandwich. It is made from the small intestine of sheep, and its flavor is enhanced by wrapping it with large intestine and tallow. The small intestines are washed cleanly, tightly wrapped on special skewers and cooked on low heat for about 2 hours by turning them upside down. After they are cut into rings, the chopped pieces are mixed with cumin, thymesalt and red pepper flakes, placed between the breads and served. 

What is Kokorec?

Kokorec is not only made from the small intestine of sheep, but also from the intestines of cattle. But the best is the small intestine obtained from suckling lamb. 

Although kokorec is a street food, those who love it can also make it at home, but it is usually preferred to buy it ready-made because it is quite troublesome. 

Tips for Making Kokorec 

In addition to the unique details of each food, kokorec has many details that need extra attention. 

  • Although Kokorec is made from the small intestine of both sheep and goats, the trick is to make it from the small intestine of suckling lamb to make it the more delicious. 
  • Plenty of cumin and thyme should be used. 
  • High heat is not used when cooking kokorec, because it burns outside and remains raw inside and does not taste delicious. It should be cooked on low heat for about two hours by turning it, and the cooking process should be terminated by cooking the inside without burning the outside. 
  • Kokorec can be chopped into large or small pieces as desired, but it is best to chop it into cubes. 
  • The intestine, which is tightly wrapped on the kokorec skewer, takes the shape of a cylinder and is much more delicious if it is wrapped with tallow after the wrapping process is finished. This is the most important tip. 

How to Make Kokorec at Home? 

Kokorec is also sold raw without being prepared and cooked like sausage, salami and pastrami. For this reason, you can buy the prepared kokorec slice and cook it yourself at home. 

Kokorec Ingredients 

  • 4-5 slices of kokorec 
  • 1 teaspoon of cumin 
  • 1 teaspoon of thyme 
  • 1 teaspoon of salt 

  • 1 teaspoon of red pepper flakes (hot or sweet as desired) 
  • 1 teaspoon of black pepper 
  • 3 tablespoons of oil 

Note: 1 tomato and 2 green peppers upon request. 


Kokorec Preparation 

  • Cook slowly in a hot pan and in its own oil for 5 minutes by turning it. 
  • Chop the kokorec into cubes and continue cooking slowly. 
  • After making sure that it is well cooked, add the spices one after the other and mix them well with the help of a spoon. 
  • Turn off the low fire after cooking and serve it either with bread or as a portion. 
  • Note: If you want to add tomatoes and green peppers, you can chop them (by peeling the skin of the tomato) into small pieces, fry them in the same pan, add them and mix them. 

Things to Consider While Making Kokorec 

  • If you want to make kokorec, you should buy it from a known and trusted place. 
  • Spices are very important and especially cumin and thyme are indispensable for kokorec. 
  • When cooking, it should be cooked on low heat and for a long time. Because it should be cooked evenly and there should be no raw. 
  • If you are going to serve it in the form of breadcrumbs, you should dip the inside of the bread into the oil in the pan and fill the kokorec. 

  • If you are going to serve it like kebab, cut the pita or bread slices into cubes of sugar and place them under the plates and pour the kokorec over them. 

Kokorec History 

Kokorec is a street delicacy that is loved and consumed both in the Balkan countries, especially in Greece, and in Turkey

When we look at the history of kokorec, we see that it is a food that has survived from the Ottoman Empire. Kokorec, which is also seen in the Balkan countries, is also known as a food of Izmir, especially in our country. Because kokorec continues to be consumed as a street delicacy that is loved and consumed in large areas by spreading to Istanbul and other provinces after İzmir. 

Kokorec made in Izmir is chopped corpulently and blended with only cumin, thyme, red pepper flakes and salt. Before being placed between the bread, the inner part of the bread is dipped in kokorec oil and then kokorec is placed between the bread. However, in Istanbul and other provinces, tomatoes and green peppers are added to this recipe. 

Kokorec, which we saw and met in Greece in the 1960s, came to Turkey in the 1970s and made it popular, and the number of those who love and consume it has increased day by day. Although it is called a street taste, it continues to appeal to all segments by taking place in luxury places and certain restaurants and countries. 

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