Where to Buy Halal Meat Products in London

Halal meat consumption is essential for Muslims living in different parts of the world, including London. In order for meat to be halal, the animal must be fed properly throughout its life, and religious responsibilities must be fulfilled during the slaughter process. Unfortunately, in countries like the UK, butchers have different types of meat, and some of them may not be halal. Therefore, people are left with the question: Where to buy halal meat products in London?

Places That Sell Halal Meat in London

The Muslim population in London is substantial. Therefore, it is possible to find both halal meat markets and butchers in the city. Here are some places where you can find halal meat in London.

1. Tesco

Tesco is among the most popular grocery stores in the UK. In addition to halal meat options, it is also possible to find halal cheese, yogurt, and desserts here.

2. Morrisons

Morrisons also has a large number of halal meat products, as can be seen on its website. In addition to selling halal meat for Muslims, kosher products are also sold.

3. Aldi

Fresh halal meat London stores also include Aldi. Although Aldi’s own branded products are not halal-certified, it is possible to find halal meat products in the market. Besides meat, other halal products are also sold in the market.

4. Waitrose

Along with halal meat, many halal products such as milk, dairy products, breakfast bars, ice cream, and chips can be found in Waitrose.

How Do You Know If A Product Is Halal?  

Meat products are checked by the authority to ensure that they are halal. Halal certificate is given to halal meat products for the consumers’ peace of mind. In this way, every consumer can check this certificate before purchasing meat and clear any question marks in their mind.

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